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Jimmie's Chipotle Pepper Jam
Jimmies Chipotle Pepper Jam

Jimmie’s Chipotle Jam is made from
red jalapeno peppers.

These peppers are called Chipotle Tipico and are
grown and smoked in various regions in Mexico.

The peppers are left on the vine to ripen
and are smoked in mesquite wood.

We get the peppers whole.

Some are six inches or more in length and smell like
a fine Cuban cigar believe it or not.

We reconstitute the pepper in apple cider vinegar, remove the stem, shake out the seeds and coarsely puree them into a mash that's the basis for the jam.

Cane sugar, apple cider vinegar and pectin make up
the rest of the ingredients.  No preservatives. 

Jimmie’s Chipotle Pepper Jam
replaces mint jelly with lamb.

Serve it as a condiment with beef, pork,
chicken or fish.

Use as a glaze for ham, turkey or ribs.

Over cream cheese as an appetizer.

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8 ounce bottle $7.99 each

12 ounce bottle $9.99 each

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Jimmie's Chipotle Pepper Jam
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Jimmie's Mixed Berry Chipotle Jam
Raspberry, blueberry, blackberry
& strawberry
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Jimmie's Black Currant Chipotle Jam
French and Napa Valley currants
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Jimmie's Bacon Chipotle Jam
Fat-free bacon
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Jimmie's Red Fresno Chili Jam
Red Fresno chilies are grown in central California. We use only fresh peppers. The Fresno’s are the same heat level as green jalapeños but they keep their color and taste better than regular jalapeño jam. No food coloring is added and the chilies are coarsely processed. Cream Cheese naturally and the Fresno jam can be substituted in place of all the jam recipes and suggestions.
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Jimmie's Mango Habenero Jam
The proportions are 8 cups of fruit to
½ cup Habanero

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Jimmie's Habenero Pepper Jam
100% fresh Mexican Habanero, sugar, vinegar and that’s it.  On a 1-10 heat scale this is a 9.
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Jimmie's Ghost Pepper Jam
Made from the Bhut Jolokia pepper, originally from India. We get fresh Ghost’s usually in late September from our grower in
New Jersey. Three times hotter than a Habanero, on the 1-10 heat scale it's an 11!

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