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The Spanish Queen

2023 Harvest

Green and grassy. Pair it with feta and goat cheese. It takes to anything salty.

And it will keep blooming in the bottle. This week's adventure is next week's bonanza.

Orders will ship beginning in 12/10/23
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Ascolana Novello

2023 Harvest

Shipping will begin in about two weeks.
Pre orders will be fulfilled first in order received.
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A Spanish varietal noted for its peppery finish with notes of almond and green tomato. High in polyphenols and sediment this is probably the most robust Novello we will see in the new harvest oils. Perfect for baking potatoes, beets, yams, sweet potatoes, and squash. This is the ultimate finishing oil and dressing for spicy greens like argula and kale and for wilting raw spinach.

NEW HARVEST from November 2023

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A Spanish varietal harvested in Tehama County, CA from trees
over one hundred fifty years old.

The oil is grassy with a black pepper finish perfect for salads or as a drizzle over meat, fish, vegetables, bread dipping and a zillion other ways.

2023 harvest
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A Greek varietal.

Organically grown in Santa Barbara, California.

Available in mid-January 2024
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Taken from the Italian method of adding either herbs, citrus, or peppers along with California Mission Olives from that years harvest.

Using the California Mission Olives gives the oil a grassy complex flavor profile that enhances the Agrumato immeasurably’ The olives and the additional ingredients are minced together and are NOT a flavoring added after the olive oil has been made. This method marries the ingredients and produces a flavored oil that tastes like the herb or citrus or pepper.

Jalapeño tastes distinctly like a jalapeño, ditto the habanero.

The rosemary, basil, and shallot have the distinct flavor of each of the herbs.

The Italian Herb blend is parsley, basil, and oregano.

These flavorful oils, added to a salad or used as a finishing oil over steamed or grilled vegetables, meat, fish and fowl turns a simple dish into something special.

Chipotle Pepper Oil

Dried Chipotle Peppers, both the CHIPOTLE MECO (these are the large dried Red Jalapeños from Mexico smoked in Mesquite wood), and the smaller dried jalapeños called MORITA. The Morita are the blemished peppers that are culled out and are the peppers found in Chipotle in Adobo Sauce. The Meco is a medium heat Chile prized for its earthy smoked flavor while the Morita are smaller and darker in color and much hotter than the Meco. We take a blend of these two peppers and STEEP them in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This slower process of soaking the peppers whole instead of grinding them up imparts a delicate smoke flavor with a tinge of heat. As Cousin Jimmie always sez “it’s easy to make things hot, its hard to make them taste good”

Scramble eggs, stir fry, bake vegetables, use in place of generic vegetable oil in baking bread, salad dressing. As with all our products the uses are endless.
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Sage Olive Oil

Lemony, Minty, Peppery, with Eucalyptus undertones.

Use it to make a paste with raw garlic, crushed white peppercorns, and basil.

Then slather on a blackened tomahawk steak.

Not for the faint of heart.
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Lisbon Lemon
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Jalapeño Cilantro
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Grapefruit Habanero
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Flavored Oils

These Concentrates use high quality Olive Oil and are All Natural,
Kosher Certified, and Contain No Chemicals

Uncle Berch’s
SoCal Smoked Olive Oil

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is Cold Smoked over
Cherry Wood to produce a fine finishing or baking oil.

Try it on mushrooms, potatoes, beets, squash.
Add to soups, sauce, or drizzle it on chicken or beef.

Marry it to our Red Onion Balsamic for an
out-of-this-world salad dressing.

It even loves coffee ice cream!
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Ingredients: A BLEND of 2022 Cilantro Agrumato

Floral, Grassy, Citrusy. Salads, Sauté, Skillet Fry, Wok.
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Lemon Thyme
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Roast Garlic
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Italian Herb
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